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Wilco Review Royale: The Whole Love

Wilco The Whole Love Over the years I have made an affirmative effort to try to get into certain bands or albums that my friends have raved about.  These efforts have been met with varying degrees of success.  While inorganically force-feeding myself a certain album or band is not the ideal way to begin to enjoy a band, I have learned that it sometimes leads to rewarding results.  Due to my efforts, I fell in love with early Kings of

Bright Eyes Show Review

Bright Eyes 9/25/2011 Santa Barbara Bowl Santa Barbara, CA One of the best things about Conor Oberst is his unpredictability, and when I say this, I mean this in almost every facet of his music. In just the past three years alone, Conor has played tours and recorded albums with three different bands, taken on many different genres of music, all while also being on some highest of the highs, and lowest of the lows of his career. One thing

The Rapture Review: In the Grace of Your Love

The Rapture In the Grace of Your Love Spiritually uplifting indie dance music? Weird… That was my reaction as well on first listen of In the Grace of Your Love, NYC dance-punk outfit The Rapture’s fourth album and first following a five year hiatus, but The Rapture actually make the mix fit like a glove. Following 2006’s commercially viable Pieces of the People We Love, front man Luke Jenner had an eventful half-decade; becoming a father, losing bassist Matt Safer

Das Racist Review: Relax

Das Rascist Relax Are you at the Pizza Hut?  Are you at the Taco Bell? Or perhaps, the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell? Can white people go outside without getting a disease? Have Glenn Beck, LL Cool J, or Toby Keith“ sat down yet” … man? These are all questions the Brooklyn-based rap duo (trio when you include the hype man) Das Racist has addressed and answered for us in the past. I can’t express to just how much I

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