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Jay-Z and Kanye Show Review: A Heavyweight Bout

Kanye West & Jay-Z Watch The Throne Tour Palace at Auburn Hills Detroit, MI 11/26/2011 Two days after Thanksgiving, Austin and I strapped on our gold watches and chains and headed up to Motown to see the two biggest acts (egos) in hip hop today, Kanye West and Jay-Z, join together to put on one massive show. As the marquee would suggest, the show was quite simply two and a half hours of unadulterated Jay and Ye, meaning no opening

Nickelback Review Royale: Ohhhhhh Boy

Nickelback Here & Now I’m not sure that any “artist” has consistently drawn my ire to the extent of Nickelback over the years.  Sure, Dashboard Confessional and a number of pop-punk acts have temporarily brought about fits of deep apathy.  But, Nickelback is maybe my first love (of bands I love to hate, that is), and I always seem to come back to them.  In fact, my first foray into blogging revolved around hating on really terrible lyrics accompanied by

iTunes Match: A Cancer to my Music Library

As up-to-date as I stay on music, I’m not always an early adopter when it comes to the latest music technologies. When everything went digital, I had a hard time giving away the tangible feel of CDs, which now I would never waste time buying, but at the time seemed like a huge thing to sacrifice. Now that everything is going to the cloud, I am again having a hard time of giving away the possession of an MP3 file.

Paul Simon Show Review

Paul Simon IU Auditorium Bloomington, IN 11/20/2011 Catching a music legend past their prime can be a mixed bag. The sheer presence of someone who has played such an important role in music history can be awe-inspiring, but often the performances fall quite flat and it can even be borderline sad seeing them as just a shell of who they used to be. Some legends seem to almost get better with age (Bruce Springsteen, Neil Young), while other’s  rock ‘n’

A$AP Rocky Review: This Sh*t Cray

A$AP Rocky Review LiveLoveA$AP         This may be the only time I ever review a mixtape.  Some hip-hop artists are so prolific with the amount of mixtapes they release (e.g., Gucci Mane), it is often hard to keep up.  So, I often just stick to studio releases, and the occasional mixtape that gets a lot of good publicity.  Well, I can’t recall a mixtape that has gotten as much hype as A$AP Rocky’s LiveLoveA$AP, and the alleged 3 million dollar deal

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