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LxListening: Road Trippin’

Last night I completed my seventh cross-country road trip in 7 years. For one reason or another, a road trip from Indiana to California (or vice versa) has been necessary for me quite frequently in recent years. Sometimes it’s to accompany a friend, sometimes for fun, and sometimes it’s simply necessary to get myself to-and-fro. This time it was the latter, and since my schedule had changed dramatically at the last minute, I had no one to ride with me.

The Song of Ice & Fire Review (Books 1-5)

The Song of Ice & Fire Review (Books 1-5) I’m doing a bit of a fill-in post for today, and didn’t have anything directly on point as far as music goes, so I thought I would give my thoughts on a book series I have just finished, The Song of Ice & Fire.  And to at least act like this has something to do with music, just realize that the word “song” is in the series title, and the theme

The Head & the Heart Show Review: Kind Of

The Head and the Heart Show Review March 25, 2012 The Pageant:  St. Louis, MO I’m trying to remember the last time a true opening band so utterly blew me out of the water, like Drew Grow and the Pastors’ Wives did when opening for The Head and the Heart.  I think the last time that the main act was so completely outshined in my eyes was when I saw Howie Day, and he was overshadowed by a little unknown

Rocket Juice & the Moon Review

Rocket Juice & the Moon Rocket Juice & the Moon Damon Albarn is a man who has worn many hats. In the last ten years, he has released albums with four different bands (most notably Gorillaz and Blur), all projects which have been more than respectable. Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers fame is another person who has started spreading his wings, having played with Thom Yorke’s super group Atoms for Peace and now with this new project with Albarn.

LxListening: I’m a Wu-Tang Man

For some reason I have found myself listening to the work of the members of The Wu-Tang clan a lot recently.  Mind you, I have not been listening to any collaborative Wu-Tang albums, but instead the solo works of the various members, which is quite an overwhelming endeavor.  I really like Wu-Tang, but it is difficult to sift through some of the muck and mire that has been by the various members over the years.  For instance, say I wanted

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