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Fleetwood Mac Retro Review: Rumours

Fleetwood Mac Rumours We haven’t retro-reviewed anything for quite some time, so yesterday I went mining through some of the older albums I have been listening to decide what was worthy and interesting to write about. Then, I stumbled upon something new (Just Tell Me That You Want Me, the Fleetwood Mac tribute out in 2 weeks in honor of the band’s 45th anniversary), and I knew exactly what kind of old I wanted to review.

The Antlers Review: Undersea

The Antlers Undersea The Antlers have been a pet favorite of mine ever since the release of the exceptional Hospice in 2009.  The release of Burst Apart last year further affirmed my believe The Antlers are one of the most exciting bands to be following in the world of music right now.  Where The Antlers have thrived and found their success on Hospice and Burst Apart lies in the almost compulsive production.  Peter Silberman, the band’s main creative force, has made

LxListening: Oceanic

We have had a wealth of album and shows to cover this past month and a half, and unfortunately in the hustle and bustle of things, we weren’t able to review Channel Orange, the debut album from new R&B sensation Frank Ocean. Suffice it to say, I am in love with the album and Frank Ocean himself who comes off as a wonderfully mix of Stevie Wonder, Prince, and which is interesting since I was only luke-warm on his debut

Passion Pit Review: Gossamer

Passion Pit Gossamer I still remember the last few months of my college career like it was yesterday. Lots of friends, lots of “last times”, a lot of avoiding school work, too much of fun, a shit-ton of dancing, and a copious amount of drinking. Somewhere in the mix Passion Pits little EP found its way into my routine. Mostly correlated with the drinking/dancing. Chunk of Change was a pretty overly intense amount of fun to pack into 6 songs,

The xx: “Angels” Song Review

The xx “Angels” I haven’t had quite enough time to immerse myself in an album to review for this week, so I thought I might write a little bit about the lead single off of The xx’s upcoming album Coexist.  I would also like to discuss how this lead single is shaping my expectations for the upcoming album, which is slated to come out in early September.  Check out the video and my thoughts after the jump.

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