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Sturgill Simpson Show Review

sturgill simpson

Sturgill Simpson Off Broadway St. Louis, MO August 7, 2014 There were a lot of uncertainties when I went to see Sturgill Simpson at Off Broadway last Thursday night.  What would the crowd be like, more country or more hipster?  Would the crowd really be that big, considering the venue and type of artist?  What kind of energy would Simpson bring to the stage?  All these questions were answered, and I must say, I was much more impressed with Sturgill

Jenny Lewis Review: The Voyager

the voyager

Jenny Lewis The Voyager Between 2001 and 2008 Jenny Lewis released six albums; four with Rilo Kiley and two solo albums.  That is a pretty prolific output no matter who you are.  Since 2008 though, Lewis has only released I’m Having Fun Now with collaborator Jonathan Rice, until the release of The Voyager.  It is certainly better to have Jenny Lewis in your life than to not.  The Voyager is about what you would expect in diverse tone, but much

Top Ten Thursday: Top Ten Tom Petty Songs

tom petty

It is hard to find a palatable picture of Tom Petty.  You know, one where he doesn’t look like a trashy lady.  But I think I did it, and discovered bearded, sunglassed, mouth-closed Petty is certainly the best for your viewing pleasure.  But, luckily for Petty, he didn’t have to rely on his looks to get shit done in this world.  We are of course here to talk about the storied career of Tom Petty, the musician.  Tom Petty is

Begin Again Movie Review

begin again

Begin Again is a musical romantic comedy written and directed by John Carney, of Once fame.  The reviews were pretty good, most everything big studios have released this year has been trash, and I was itching to see a movie.  So why not give this one a chance?  On top of Begin Again being a halfway decent way to spend an hour and a half, it is also a guaranteed to please female significant others. Begin Again starts with down

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