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Jack White Show Review: July 20, 2014


Jack White The Fabulous Fox Theatre St. Louis, MO July 20, 2014 I had never seen Jack White before in any of his iterations, so anyone out there that has seen him can probably understand my exhilaration seeing him for the first time Sunday.  I expected it to be wonderful for a number of reasons, including my love of his entire catalog personal accounts from others.  I guess even with soaring expectations it is still possible to be awed.

Apocalypse NOW: The 10 Best Apocalyptic Tracks


Editors note: We originally posted this last summer, which was full of apocalypse comedies. This summer is full of high tension apocalypse thrillers in the movies (Dawn of the Planet of the Apes) and on TV (HBO’s intense The Leftovers and FX’s The Strain). Enjoy the end of the  world with us through these songs. We all love us some Edgar Wright (and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost for that matter), so with the opening of The World’s End this weekend, we thought it appropriate

Sci-Fi Rundown: It’s Shaping Up to be a Fun Summer


When not much new music is being released that I am interested in, I am forced to turn my attention to TV and Movies.  Therefore, any readers here are subjected to my current tastes.  Science Fiction and Fantasy fare is in these days, starting with Marvel coming into their own on the big screen and then Game of Thrones taking over televisions everywhere.  Science Fiction and Fantasy is no longer genre, but instead has forced its way into the mainstream. 

Halt And Catch Fire: Good Music on a Fine Show

halt and catch fire

Halt and Catch Fire is a new show on AMC that hasn’t received a lot of attention.  The show is well-acted with an interesting premise (the 80′s computer boom in Texas), but I’m afraid the uneven pacing will be its undoing.  I like the show, but would be shocked if it got renewed.  Hopefully, Halt and Catch Fire turns into the prestige show AMC is shooting for (hell, Mad Men wasn’t perfect overnight), but there is certainly some fine-tuning that

3 Great Things About “Turn Down For What”

Keep on keepin' on Lil' John.

I drive a lot for work.  And in the summer I drive a decent amount with my windows down.  With my windows down I am privy to hearing what a lot of people are listening to, as well as observe their reactions to whatever is blasting out of their stereo.  One song lately has been inescapable.  You know from the title of the post which song that is.  The thing is, I really like it.  It’s a shame “Turn Down

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