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Matthew E. White Show Review

Matthew E. White at QEH

Matthew E. White April 2nd, 2015 Schubas, Chicago, IL One of the best books I’ve read the last few years was David Byrne’s biography/how-to hybrid How Music Works. In it, Byrne talks about how much space, economics, and touring inform music and recording, which is something many listeners (at least this listener) don’t often think about. For example, a band might decide not to include a trumpet in a song because it would be hard to recreate live since you

The 10 Most Ridiculous Campaign Songs

Most Ridiculous Presidential Campaign Songs

Editor’s Note: This list originally ran in 2012, but with the election ramping up with Rand Paul and Hilary Clinton announcing their candidacy this week, we thought it would be a good time to remind our candidates which sort of songs to avoid when choosing your election anthem. The first Presidential debate of 2012 was last night, which seemed to us like perfect timing to take a serious (and not-so-serious) look at the choice of campaign songs over our proud American

The 10 Best Spring Songs

zippity doo dah- best spring songs

Ahhh…the spring. The time for birds chirping, flowers blooming, and of course, the start of a new music festival season. Last year at this time of year, we gave you our favorite spring albums, and many of the songs on this list, belong on entries for that list. Oh by the way, this week, we are bringing you the best songs for spring, the songs that help break us from our winter hibernation, throw open the curtains, and spring out

TV On The Radio Show Review

TV on the Radio Live Chicago

TV On The Radio The Metro, Chicago, IL March 23rd, 2015 It’s no secret we love TV On The Radio. Whether it’s on record or on stage, the noisy Brooklyn indie rockers deliver time and time again. However, until late last year, there was a long period of time (nearly four years) we didn’t hear from TV On The Radio , partially due to other projects like production efforts for David Sitek but primarily the break was related to the

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