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LxListening: Random Pop Songs


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a LxListening.  I’ve heard a bunch of interesting (if not great) pop songs lately, and so I figured I could scrape together several of them to get out a proper LxListening.  Please note that all of these songs may not necessarily be “new”, except maybe to me.  But, at the very least, they are deserving for a few spare words from yours truly, and maybe even a few pointers on how they could be

LxListening: A Very Full Week in Music


The big release of the week, at least in our minds, was Nine Inch Nail’s Hesitation Marks.  But this has been a pretty full week in music.  One of Justin Vernon’s “non-Bon Iver” projects, Volcano Choir, released their sophomore effort to mostly positive marks.  Neko Case (aka the next best thing to Jenny Lewis) released her first album in four years.  The perpetually underrated Okkervil River released another solid effort.  I was also introduced to a new artist (for me)

LxListening: That Classic R&B Sound


I was recently watching a BBC show called Black Mirror, which is kind of like a modern Twilight Zone centered around the theme of advances in technology.  The show is great itself, but where it becomes relevant to our little neck of the web is the song it introduced to me in its second episode.  Each episode is a self-contained morality tale, and the second episode centers around a future world where the vast majority of the population rides stationary

LxListening: Songs of My Formative Years


Suffice it to say, all of our musical tastes have changed quite a bit since we were adolescents.  That being said, there is certainly a lot to be said for the music we all listened to in high school.  Some of it may be embarrassing (I may have enjoyed some pretty trashy alt-rock at some point), but there is a lot of music I would still deem good that I dabbled with.  So today, I decided to pick a selection

LxListening: Country-ish


I don’t have quite enough time to give the new Jason Isbell album, Southeastern, proper thrift.  So instead I’m gonna just throw out a few country-ish songs I’ve been listening to a lot lately.  These range from rock/country hybrids to pretty pure country fare.  I have been listening to a lot of this stuff lately, and I can’t exactly tell you why.  Maybe its summer.  Maybe its my mood.  Or maybe there’s no reason at all.  Enjoy, and feel free

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