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LxListening: Technologic Pt. 1


Across the board in the music industry, electronic music is growing like wildfire, spreading its influence into indie, rock, hip hop, R&B, and even jazz. So to help cover this tremendous trend, I asked my brother Brad, an indie electronic aficionado, to give five of his favorite electronic tracks from the past year. In return, he gave me ten tracks, so I have split his choices into two posts, with the next five coming next Friday. So without further ado,

Jimi Hendrix Review: People, Hell & Angels


Jimi Hendrix People, Hell & Angels Alrighty folks, it’s time to give you an in-depth review of the new Hendrix album. It’s been generating a lot of buzz and even reached the top of the Billboard charts. The only thing is, there’s been a whole bunch of BS being spread about the album. It’s time to lay down the facts, give it a hefty once over, and crank out the Hendrix jams for a big ol’ review.

Two Gallants Show Review


Two Gallants Doug Fir Lounge Portland, OR (obviously (eye roll)) 1/19/2013 So this past Saturday I went to my first concert here in Portland (I feel like this should have happened way sooner, but Grad school commands just a bit of dedication…). I decided to tag along with my friend Ashley to see one of her favorite bands, Two Gallants, at the Doug Fir; a decked out lob cabin of sorts in in the basement of a hotel/restaurant. I would

Ty Segall Review: Twins


Ty Segall Twins  Three albums…in one year? Who is this guy? This, my friends, is the garage rock king, Ty Segall. First came the psychedelic collaboration Hair with Tim Presley of White Fence. Then came the fuzzed out monster with Charlie Moonheart on Slaughterhouse. Now is the official release and new album from Ty Segall himself, Twins. After listening to the new album, I had to ask myself, “How does he do it?” Not only is he one of the most prolific artists out there,

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