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LxListening: Odds and Ends Pt. 3


As we finish up the first week of the last month of 2013, we are getting close to shifting to year end lists, and all that was 2013 in music (and a few other areas). For now, I will release one last list that is not related to best-of-2013 lists, and just give five classic tracks I have more or less discovered recently. I have previously done odds and ends playlists here and here.

LxListening: Technologic Pt. 1


Across the board in the music industry, electronic music is growing like wildfire, spreading its influence into indie, rock, hip hop, R&B, and even jazz. So to help cover this tremendous trend, I asked my brother Brad, an indie electronic aficionado, to give five of his favorite electronic tracks from the past year. In return, he gave me ten tracks, so I have split his choices into two posts, with the next five coming next Friday. So without further ado,

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