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Black Lips Review: Underneath the Rainbow

black lips underneath the rainbow, album cover art

Black Lips Underneath the Rainbow Last week, Black Lips released their seventh studio album, and their first since the 2011 Arabia Mountain. Which was their first album to ever truly leap outside of their comfort zone. An album in which some fans chastised due to the fact that they brought on a “refined” producer such as Mark Ronson to help clean things up. I personally loved the album, and although it was a venture from their more underproduced, tinny, garage

Rosanne Cash Review: The River & the Thread

rosanne cash

Rosanne Cash The River & the Thread Yet another posthumous Johnny Cash album is being released this week.  I considered reviewing this latest attempt to cash in on a great artist’s legacy with material that is probably lackluster, but I am in charge of writing the Top Ten list this week.  Having already begun writing on Johnny Cash’s top ten songs, it would have been tough for me to fairly review his latest album, especially considering my preconceived biases against

Elbow Review: The Take Off and Landing of Everything


Elbow The Take Off and Landing of Everything Is music coverage so different in The United States than in the United Kingdom?  I downloaded The Take Off and Landing of Everything purely off the positive reviews it seemed to be getting, never having heard a song from the band (that I know of).  Usually when I am this unfamiliar with a band, I assume they are relatively new, not an outfit that’s been around since the early-90′s.  I was shocked

St. Vincent Album Review

St_Vincent_album art

St. Vincent St. Vincent Two weeks ago, Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) released her fourth studio album. I think it is worth noting as well, that this is her first solo album to be released after her collaboration album with David Byrne, Love This Giant. I say that it is worth mentioning because it is quite apparent that her work with David Byrne, and possibly the current friendship that they have taken up after the fact, has clearly had a

The War on Drugs Review: Lost in the Dream

The War on Drugs Lost in the Dream album cover art

The War on Drugs Lost in the Dream Philly indie rockers the War on Drugs admittedly hit my sweet spot when it comes to their sound: they create dreamy psychedelic rock with an Americana soul, sort of Wilco’s experimental side under a cloud of guitar haze. The band started out with 2008’s freewheeling Wagonwheel Blues, where they had fuzz-rocker Kurt Vile in their band as sort of a lo-fi Dylan-worshipping indie band. Since, Kurt Vile has left to do his

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