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Trophy Scars Review: Holy Vacants

trophy scars

Trophy Scars Holy Vacants Every once in a while, I’ll just a grab an album because I like the cover art, or the name of the band or album is cool.  What’s the worst that can happen?  I’ve even been rewarded from time to time by finding gems like And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. Trophy Scars is one of these glorious success stories. Holy Vacants is a lot of things.  I would first label it an

The Antlers Review: Familiars

The Antlers Familiars Review

The Antlers Familiars Brooklyn-based trio The Antlers have truly been a band to watch (and hear) ever since the release of 2009’s Hospice, our 5th favorite concept album and 3rd favorite winter album of all time. The album centered around lead singer Pete Siberman sitting in the hospital as he watch a loved one die, and Siberman’s haunting voice on top of the careful and sorrowful orchestration makes for one of the most powerful albums I’ve ever heard. It’s follow

Future Review: Honest

future honest

Future Honest I had started writing a review for Future’s sophomore album, and I realized while writing that the tracklisting I was working off of did not match the tracks themselves.  Somehow, the song names got all jumbled when I transferred the album to my iPhone.  Making matters worse, I transferred the 18-track deluxe edition, and I’m not sure if some of the songs are even on the proper 12-track release.  So, please bear with all the generalities as I

First Aid Kit Review: Stay Gold

First Aid Kit Stay Gold review

First Aid Kit Stay Gold There must be some Tennessee moonshine or something in the water over in Sweden, because for some strange reason, multiple Swedish acts are doing Americana and Nashville country better than Americans themselves. First there was Tallest Man on Earth, aka Swede Kristian Mattson, who has the voice of a Tennessee coal miner and a heart of gold. Now there is First Aid Kit, the brilliant sister duo of Johanna and Klara Söderberg, who broke out

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