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LxL’s Favorite New Podcast: Wits


It is not very often you come across one of the most delightful things on earth, so when I came across just such a thing, of course I feel compelled to write about it.  Let me get the obligatory Wikipedia-esque description out of the way, just so you know exactly what Wits is.  Wits is a radio variety show hosted by John Moe, most easily accessed as a podcast for free in the iTunes Store.  The typical installment of Wits

Why Television is Increasingly Important to Music


I was going to finish a review I started of David Crosby’s latest album, Croz, but considering he made us wait 20 years for a new batch of solo material, I think I can hold off on that one.  Instead, I wanted to talk a little bit about the importance TV viewing habits are playing in my consumption of music. Television is a great medium with which to discover new music, and no, I’m not suggesting you watch MTV or VH1 for

Radiohead Release New Album App: PolyFauna


Whoops! Apologies for the misleading headline, but I meant to type “App”. For some reason that just didn’t feel right when referring to a new release from Radiohead. However, as per usual, Radiohead broke new ground today with a new way to strike the fancy of their fans. PolyFauna. An app that was born from what the band decided the song “Bloom” would look like if it were a visual medium rather than a song. Here is what the ever-so

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