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Public Service Announcement: Ticket Scalpers, You Are the Worst Kind of Human Being

ticket scalpers

We have all been there. Your favorite band is coming into town, and tickets go on sale at 9:00 AM on Friday morning. You are at your computer at 8:45 AM, just for good measure. is most likely, and most unfortunately, the place of purchase. At 8:55 AM you begin to refresh the webpage, just to make sure the ticket status has not been changed a few minutes early. At 8:56, you refresh again. 8:57, refresh, nothing. 8:58, refresh,

Public Service Announcement: Your Heckles Aren’t That Clever

Statler and Waldorf

We started a new series of public service announcements last week for do’s and don’ts in concert-going, and we opened up with our biggest concert-going sin: the crowd surf. To continue in my curmudgeonly ways, I want to denounce the artist heckle today. Yes, I realize I’m speaking to a largely inebriated group of people here, but more and more, I’m finding people say dumber and dumber stuff at shows. I’ve even seen heckling create sort of a strange and

Sci-Fi Rundown: It’s Shaping Up to be a Fun Summer


When not much new music is being released that I am interested in, I am forced to turn my attention to TV and Movies.  Therefore, any readers here are subjected to my current tastes.  Science Fiction and Fantasy fare is in these days, starting with Marvel coming into their own on the big screen and then Game of Thrones taking over televisions everywhere.  Science Fiction and Fantasy is no longer genre, but instead has forced its way into the mainstream. 

5 Reasons Sirius XM Radio is Still Relevant and Better than Ever

Sirius XM Radio

Hot off a summer vacation with my family, I will be delivering a couple posts related to my time off. The first, being a minor epiphany and ongoing discussion we’ve had at LxL, about how Sirius XM (now 6 years since the merger of XM and Sirius radio) has really hit its full potential, and forms a wonderful alternative when you need a break mining your own musical library or your utilizing your streaming service. Here are five reasons Sirius

3 Great Things About “Turn Down For What”

Keep on keepin' on Lil' John.

I drive a lot for work.  And in the summer I drive a decent amount with my windows down.  With my windows down I am privy to hearing what a lot of people are listening to, as well as observe their reactions to whatever is blasting out of their stereo.  One song lately has been inescapable.  You know from the title of the post which song that is.  The thing is, I really like it.  It’s a shame “Turn Down

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