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2014 Musicians on TV Power Rankings

2014 Musicians on TV Power Rankings

Not only are movie and stage actors flocking to TV for more stable and quality roles, musicians have begun to get in on this golden age of television. Musicians are putting down their instruments and picking up their acting chops, getting major and minor roles on sitcoms and procedurals. We have always had late night television performances, but those have even been ratcheted up with the help of the Roots and more artists eager to collaborate on live television.  So

LxL’s Favorite New Podcast: Wits


It is not very often you come across one of the most delightful things on earth, so when I came across just such a thing, of course I feel compelled to write about it.  Let me get the obligatory Wikipedia-esque description out of the way, just so you know exactly what Wits is.  Wits is a radio variety show hosted by John Moe, most easily accessed as a podcast for free in the iTunes Store.  The typical installment of Wits

5 Movies I Had Serious Issues With This Year


A couple weeks ago we listed our top ten movies of 2013.  With watching all the Oscar contenders, I have movies on the old brains. Don’t worry, I’ll get back to music soon, but I wanted to share some disappointments, or general disagreements I had with the public at large on several 2013 movies.  Overall, I would say it was one of the best years in movies in recent memory.  Just the fact that films like Rush, The Spectacular Now,

2013: The Year Dance Music Became King


It’s been a steady shift over the past few years, but I believe 2013 was finally the year dance music (more specifically of the electronic persuasion) took the throne from hip hop as the most dominant genre in music today. There were multiple signifiers to me throughout the year that this shift has finally occurred, and below I will lay out the four biggest signs the robots have finally taken over.

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