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Top Ten Thursday: Best Movies of 2013


Year-end lists always allows us an opportunity to stray away from music for a bit to spotlight some of our favorite movies and TV shows of the year. Our final 2013 list, our 10 favorite films, comes to you a little later than the rest, partially because the lion’s share of great movies are always released in late December for Oscar consideration. I thought this year was a dynamite movie year, one I might even call the best since 2007

Top Ten Thursday: Top Ten TV Shows of 2013


By all accounts, we are in the midst of a golden age in television.  In past years we have done a top 5 list for best television shows, when we could have easily done a top ten list.  This year, we are doing a top ten list when we could have easily done a top 20 list.  Just look at some of the shows that didn’t make the cut like Brooklyn Nine Nine, New Girl, Justified, Parks and Rec, Black

Best 20 Albums of 2013


As Austin noted in our introduction to our favorite songs of 2013 list yesterday, it is much more difficult to list a years worth of favorites than one might think. 2013 was quite an interesting year in music. Many big names (or at least big expectations) left a disappointing taste in fans’ mouths (Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, The Strokes, Jay-Z, etc.). This left the door wide open for smaller, and sometimes even unheard artists to really pave the way to a

Best 30 Songs of 2013


It is so hard too order songs in a coherent list.  For our list of the top thirty songs of the 2013, we took a little bit of a different tack than the last couple years.  We didn’t list 200-300 songs like previous years.  Instead, we all just submitted our individual lists of our favorite twenty songs of the year unordered.  Then we made sure we were all familiar with everyone’s lists, and started ordering from there.  This was a

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