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Best Bands With “Black” In Their Name


The ever fantastic Black Lips will be releasing their seventh studio album next week. In honor of this, we thought we would do a fairly straight forward, but very appropriate list. This week we give you our favorite bands with “black” in their title. There are surprisingly a lot of great ones, but we narrowed it down to what we consider to be the best. Enjoy! 10. BLK JKS Pronounced “Black Jacks”, these four experimental rockers from Johannesburg, South Africa

Top Ten Pharrell Tracks

Pharrell Williams and Helen Lasichanh arrive at the 56th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles

I’m not sure there are more than five artists with whom you can make a better party playlist with than Pharrell Williams.  I’m talking 30-40 songs that will guarantee a good time for an energetic party.  Artists that come to mind are Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson, Kanye, Jay-Z and maybe a few others could be in the running, but even then the catalog of Pharrell may take the cake. Pharrell has obviously had a huge year, with three smash hits

Best Beck Songs

Top Ten Beck Songs

It’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since a skinny L.A. punk kid burst onto the scene calling himself a “Loser” in winking wangster fashion. From the start, Beck was always a pioneer at mixing genres but now looking back at his 20 year career, I’m not sure there is a bigger chameleon in rock music. Not only known for his shape-shifting, but I would argue that no artist has endured better from the 90’s (outside Radiohead) than Beck.

Best Music Documentaries

Best Music Documentaries

In honor of the upcoming Academy Awards, we travel where film and music cross paths, namely music documentaries or rockumentaries. We have already listed our favorite fictional films about music, so now comes the true stories. When we met about this, we were disappointed with ourselves with how few music documentaries we all have seen, and more than anything, this list spurned us to get to watching more music documentaries. However, we did our best and gave you the best

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Ten Best Roles


We try to stick to music around here, but when one of our all-time favorite actors dies far too soon, we must act. A quick look at the movies Philip Seymour Hoffman starred in is a murderer’s row of modern-day classics: Boogie Nights, Almost Famous, Magnolia, The Big Lebowski, Cold Mountain, Capote. Every movie Hoffman was in he nearly stole, no matter how small the part. In fact many of these roles on this list are smaller supporting roles. The

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