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Top Ten Acts of Bonnaroo 2014

bonnaroo 2014

Looking back at my experience at this year’s Bonnaroo, there was a lot more that I could have seen, and wish that I would have seen. Generally I do a lot of bouncing back in forth from stage to stage. This year, I found myself planting at stages for a few acts in a row, staying for a lot of the full length of sets. But when I would bounce, the abundance of scheduling conflicts only allowed me to really

The 10 Best Jack White Songs

Many Jack White Bands, Faces of Jack White, White Stripes phases,

When Jack White releases something new, we are sure to break out all the bells and whistles to announce its arrival. Today, we update our best Jack White songs list with the new album and White’s last album in mind. While we certainly love a handful of songs on the new album (“High Ball Stepper”, “Temporary Ground”, “Entitlement”), the fact that we are still relatively new to these songs held them from back from making a stacked list. So without

The 10 Best Summer Songs


Summer of ’69. Boys of Summer. Under the Boardwalk. Summer in the City. Wipeout. These are all hugely famous summer songs, and strange enough, you won’t find a single one on this week’s Top Ten Thursday: The Best Summer Songs. Not that all these are bad songs, but we just happened to find ten better songs for you to jam to now that things start to heat up.

Top Ten Dream Late Night Show Bands

fred armisen

With the inspired choice of Fred Armisen as the late night band leader for Seth Meyers’ late night show and the release of the latest from Late Night masters The Roots, we decided to put together a dream list of artists who would rival Armisen and The Roots to dominate late night bumper music, sketch assistance, and other late night bandy things.  We factored in humor, charisma of frontman, musical range, suitability of the artists sound live, and other overall

The 10 Best Conor Oberst Songs

The 10 Best Conor Oberst Songs

  Fellow LxLer Austin wrote here earlier this week about how Conor Oberst’s Upside Down Mountain is a return to form of sorts, with the Omaha singer/songwriter utilizing his strengths and not worrying about his weaknesses. Now, we give you our 10 favorite Conor songs, regardless of project. That means Desaparecidos, Monsters of Folk, his solo work, and of course Bright Eyes, were all considered for this list. We also considered songs off of Upside Down Mountain, though due to

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