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The 5 Most Thankful Songs For Thanksgiving!


LxL is taking a short hiatus for the upcoming holiday weekend, but before we go we wanted to give thanks for our favorite songs that also happen to give thanks in their own right. Because this is not a Top Ten Thursday post, we decided to keep things short and sweet with five solid tracks in this edition of Weak List Wednesday: Thanks!. We feel these tracks best represent the spirit of thankfulness, glorified gluttony, and pilgrims eating Native Americans

Weak List Wednesday: Five Songs From Upcoming Albums

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Last week we talked a bit about our favorite albums of 2014 so far. With only half of the year under our belt, we still have a lot of new music to look forward to. Below are a few new tracks that have recently been released from artists with albums that are due out fairly soon. Listed in no particular order, here are five great new tracks from some highly anticipated upcoming albums set to be released this year.

Weak List Wednesday: 5 Worst Olympic Themes


There is plenty to not like about the Olympics this year.  Seeing as it is a winter Olympics, the airwaves will be dominated by figure skating.  It will be tough to see much of the good stuff live.  And this year, the Olympics take place in weird, backward Russia. The problem with Olympic theme songs is two-fold.  First, the artists chosen are typically pop junk.  Second, it would be a much better strategy to re-purpose great existing songs rather than

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