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The 10 Best Jack White Songs

Many Jack White Bands, Faces of Jack White, White Stripes phases,

Editor’s note: This list was originally published in 2013, but with the release of the new Dead Weather record, we thought we would revisit one of our favorite lists and modern artists. When Jack White releases something new, we are sure to break out all the bells and whistles to announce its arrival. Today, we update our best Jack White songs list with the new album and White’s last album in mind. While we certainly love a handful of songs on

The 10 Best Winter Songs

Top 10 Best Winter Songs

Not sure where your neck of the woods is, but where I am (the Chicago area), it got mighty frigid this week. So in honor of our prickly cold weather, we give you the best songs for this time of year, our favorite winter songs. In evaluating these songs, much like how we evaluated  our top ten albums of winter last year, we tried to find the ten songs that best encapsulate the look, feel, and sound of the season; not

B.L.U.E.S. Night in Chicago: a Show and Venue Review

Toronzo Cannon and the Cannonball Express November 2, 2012 B.L.U.E.S. Chicago, IL I have heard that there are three essential late night Chicago experiences every Chicagoan must do: a jazz club, blues bar, and improv comedy.  My wife and I as of this past Friday accomplished the 2nd of the three (having already done a jazz club), hitting up B.L.U.E.S., a Chicago blues staple since 1979, with a couple friends who came to town. Improv will have to come soon

LxListening: I Got the Blues … the Bad Bears Blues

Being the Chicago Bears die-hard I am, I find myself in a bit of a slump this evening. Last week the Bears (after the first few possessions) came out of the gate fists-a-swingin’, leading me to believe that we would have a very promising season. After last’s nights debacle with the Packers, I am still hopeful, but not quite as confident as I was yesterday. In any case, it suits me quite well given my music preference in this past

Fifty Licks: 50 Songs for 50 Years | 50-31


While Little by Listen is certainly small in name and stature, that doesn’t mean we can’t assemble a huge list. All three of us have had a long love for the Rolling Stones, and with their 50th Anniversary this year(a milestone reached by only an elite few) , it sort of lends itself clearly to a top 50 songs list. So while Time is releasing a commemorative book for the Stones this week and there is even a 50th anniverary

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