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Coldplay Review Royale: Ghost Stories

Coldplay Ghost Stories Review royale

Wes’ Words There are few media punching bags bigger than Coldplay. Yes, you have your Nickelbacks, Justin Biebers, and Shia Lebeoufs, but no one is less deserving of all the ragging they get than Coldplay. Sure they aren’t exactly hip and have dipped since their first few albums, but I would argue their biggest crime is being too earnest and wearing their heart on their sleeves. Sure Chris Martin is a bit of a cheeseball, but he has written some

Volcano Choir Review: Repave

Volcano Choir Repave Wisconsin singer/songwriter Justin Vernon of Bon Iver fame has kept busy for the past several years with not just Bon Iver but numerous other bands and collaborations. Of all the non-Bon Iver projects, the album that always stood out the most to me was Volcano Choir’s debut Unmap, an art-rock collective Vernon created with members of Wisconsin experimental rock band Collections of Colonies of Bees. The album was ambitious and more out-of-the-box then the Walden Pond/winter-cabin folk

LxListening: Justin Time

Whether its Jim James, David Byrne, or Jack White, here at LxL we love musicians who dip their hands in many musical pots (or projects). Another artist who is having a banner year in diversifying himself is Justin Vernon, best known as the man behind Bon Iver, the cabin-in-the-woods indie folk act that became the Grammys’ Best New Artist just a couple years ago.  He has already starred as the main hook singer on Kanye’s Yeezus, released a good-ole boys

Lollapalooza Sunday Recap

It’s been five years since my last Lollapalooza, and this is not due to strength of lineup. Lollapalooza pretty consistently churns out jam-packed lineups and is also an amazing setting for a festival, standing in beautiful Grant Park sandwiched between Lake Michigan and the skyline in the heart of downtown. What has kept me away is primarily two things: moolah and the festival schedule. Money is pretty self-explanatory but Lollapalooza’s schedule is not. The festival jams so much music in

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