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Three Songs My Girlfriend Likes


It’s late on a Sunday night, and I’ve been in the car for the majority of the day.  I have nothing to write about, so I decided to ask my girlfriend what three of her favorite current songs are, check them out, and quickly give my thoughts.  I had only heard one of the selections before, so I was at least glad to check out a little top 40-ish stuff I wouldn’t otherwise hear. Check out what my girlfriend is

Baths Song Review: “No Eyes” (aka: The New “Closer”)

Baths “No Eyes” Baths’ new album Obsidian has a lot to write home about. From the spastic, haunting album opener “Worsening” to the gentle, yet still chilling album closer “Inter”, the album is ripe with fresh new digital chill-wave tracks that seem light and fun on the outside, but are quite deep and dark at their core. The reasons I am choosing to only write about “No Eyes” are two-fold. First: It’s my favorite song on the album. Second: It

Top Ten Thursday: Top Ten Posthumous Albums

With the posthumous release this week of Jimi Hendrix’s People, Hell and Angels, which admittedly none of us has really dug into yet, we decided to explore the strange wonderful world of albums released after an artist’s death.  Most of these artists died untimely deaths, but the albums on this list range from those completed (or nearly completed) while the artist was still alive to those compiled from unreleased catalogs years after.  These albums also vary between solo artists dying

Top Ten Thursday: Best Nine Inch Nails Songs

After a hiatus of nearly 4 years, (Has it really already been four years?!) Trent Reznor announced this week that he and a new lineup of all stars will be bringing Nine Inch Nails back to life for a 2013-2014 world tour. (Pause for applause.) If there is one thing we love here at LxL it is our NIN, so we were quite excited to hear this news. Reznor has proven to still show value to the music community in

LxListening: First Fridays

After a few slow months in late 2012, the first thirty-one days of the new year have already brought some life back to the music scene. A few releases this past month have really taken me by surprise, which is a great start to the year. To honor this great music, I decided to share some first tracks from some of my favorite albums from this year’s first month. Album openers are such a tricky thing in music. You want