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Top Ten Thursday: Worst Grammy “Songs of the Year”

The Grammy’s are mostly an awful exercise in big record labels congratulating themselves on which records sold the most units.  Sure, so great songs get recognized, because not all top-selling records are terrible.  Amy Winehouse won Song of the Year for “Rehab”, which was very possibly the best song in her given year.  Adele got recognized big time for her work last year, and deservedly so.  But, it seems that for every good song/artist that is recognized, there are two

Top Ten Thursday: Worst Grammy Offenses – or How We Learned to Loathe the Grammys and Love Music Again

It’s no secret, or even a matter of opinion at this point. It’s just a cold hard fact. The Grammys suck. Everyone knows and understands this, yet somehow, they still exist. Not only do they exist, but they exist on a larger than life scale. Yet not once have I ever heard someone in real life or media claim that the Grammys have ever held any sort of relevance in the music world … Ok, I take that back …