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Unknown Mortal Orchestra with Foxygen Show Review

Unknown Mortal Orchestra with special guests Foxygen 3/7/2012 Lincoln Hall Chicago, IL Lincoln Hall! Wow! Hats off to venues that can dovetail a bar, a restaurant, and concert venue in such an incredibly seamless fashion. This place is one of the best small venues I’ve been too, sound-wise, environment-wise, and price-wise. Not only that, but they are also home to one of the better tacos (pork belly mind you) and beer selections I’ve ever seen at a music venue. If

The Neighbourhood Show Review (Portlandia Style)

The Neighbourhood 2/22/2013 The Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR (eye roll) (duh!) So we went to a .94 cent show this past weekend, which was actually free since it was sold out and people were just handing out the extra tickets they bought in advance. Can’t beat that! The show was at the Crystal Ballroom, which I expected to be bigger for some reason, I suppose because I lot of people play there, but it was you’re average smaller band venue

Top Ten Thursday: Jack White Out

Top Ten Thursday: Jack White Out   Continuing our week of unabashed love and adoration for Jack White, we thought what better than to bring an all-Jack list to the masses (or…our friends’ basements), and a day early at that. Our discussions were actually much longer and vicious than our usual list quarrels, really feeling the weight of making such a jam-packed list as this. We discussed a few songs off of Blunderbussmaking the list (primarily “Love Interruption”, “Hip (Eponymous) Poor