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Loufest 2014 Lineup Reaction


The lineup for 2014 Loufest was recently announced, and now that I live about a 20-30 minute walk from the festival grounds in Forest Park, I figure I have no reason not to attend.  Let’s take a look at the lineup and see how this year’s version of the festival is shaping up.  First I’ll take a look at the top-billed artists and then make a few notes on some of those further down the list.

Top Ten Thursday: Best Albums of the Third Kind

In September of 2011, Wes, Austin, and I took a Facebook thread that we used to vent and express our opinions on current music to each other, and transferred it to this music blog. For some reason, people decided to read what we wrote. Now two years later we are still doing it. Typing out our thoughts on albums, describing our favorite songs as of recent, and making these lists on a weekly basis has become a part of our

A Valentine’s Day Almost Forgotten

Leave it to a music blog written by three dudes to totally forget that it’s freakin’ Valentine’s Day. The worst part is that Wes, our supposed trusted leader, is MARRIED! Had we remembered this nonsensical and most trivial of holidays before 10:30 AM the day of, we probably would have dedicated our patented Top Ten Thursday list to its honor. Disappointingly enough we also could have paired the list nicely and quite appropriately with our My Bloody Valentine review we

Weak List Wednesday: The Top 5 Biggest Disappointments of 2012

So here we are, with our newest and shortest “End of 2012” list. A list of what we at LxL consider to be the biggest musical disappointments, let-downs, blunders, and missteps of 2012. With all the goodness that resided in the world of music in 2012 (which we will get to later, in the next few weeks), there was also a fair amount of disappointment. For this list we really pulled at what killed our expectations this past year. Yes,

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