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Deep Sea Diver & Hey Marseilles Show Review

Deep Sea Diver/Hey Marseilles 3/2/2013 Aladdin Theater Portland, OR … duh! (eye roll) So today I went through my hard drive in an attempt to switch up my iPod. Good lord, I now have to rethink my entire high school years and the decisions I made. Some of that “music” is terrrrrrrrrrrrrrrible. Like really terrible. But, that is why you constantly check out new music right? This time it was Deep Sea Diver, who is one of Ash Ketchum’s favorite

The Neighbourhood Show Review (Portlandia Style)

The Neighbourhood 2/22/2013 The Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR (eye roll) (duh!) So we went to a .94 cent show this past weekend, which was actually free since it was sold out and people were just handing out the extra tickets they bought in advance. Can’t beat that! The show was at the Crystal Ballroom, which I expected to be bigger for some reason, I suppose because I lot of people play there, but it was you’re average smaller band venue

Two Gallants Show Review


Two Gallants Doug Fir Lounge Portland, OR (obviously (eye roll)) 1/19/2013 So this past Saturday I went to my first concert here in Portland (I feel like this should have happened way sooner, but Grad school commands just a bit of dedication…). I decided to tag along with my friend Ashley to see one of her favorite bands, Two Gallants, at the Doug Fir; a decked out lob cabin of sorts in in the basement of a hotel/restaurant. I would

LxListening: Into the Wild

The wife and I are embarking on an adventure to the Pacific Northwest for a wedding, making stops in 5 cities I haven’t visited yet: Vancouver, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Denver. So I figured 5 cities/5 songs sounds like a perfect match for a LxListening 5 song playlist. So here are 5 songs for our road trip with an artist from each city we are visiting. In prepping for this trip, I told my wife our trip would