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Black Keys Release New Track “Turn Blue”

the-black-keys new album true blue

Yesterday, The Black Keys released their second track from their upcoming album, Turn Blue. Which being the title track from the new album is also titled “Turn Blue”. “Fever”, the first track released from the upcoming album, seemed to fall a bit short of expectations due to its unimaginative lyrics and a bland music style that feels fairly old hat at this point. Where as “True Blue” slows things down to spin an eerie, slower groove from the Keys, that

2013 Grammy Recap: Some (Constructive) Criticism


Another February, another silly Grammy award show. Yes, in the past, we have made a pretty stated point to rip on the most irrelevant of the major award shows, whether it be our Ten Worst Grammy Offenses list, our Ten Worst Grammy Song Winners, or even my Grammy recap last year. But we do try to make a point on this blog to stay away from ragging on everything (though I’m sure we have slipped up a time here and

Top Ten Thursday: Most Anticipated Albums of 2013

Of the artists we most anticipated new albums from in 2012, two of them failed to release a new album (Outkast and Kanye).  We decided to be a bit less lofty with our prognostications this year, and are relatively comfortable that all the artists on this year’s list will end up dropping a new full-length (except my “just missed”, which is the same as last year, and a complete shot in the dark).  As always, some artists will surprise us

The Black Keys vs RZA: The Baddest Music Video Alive

The official soundtrack to The Man with the Iron Fists was dropped yesterday, as well as the music video for “The Baddest Man Alive” by RZA and The Black Keys. The soundtrack as well as the video are both incredibly badass, but because I essentially covered the all of the bases of soundtrack in last Friday’s LxListening, I decided to center todays focus on what should officially be known as “The Baddest Music Video Alive”.

LxListening: The Man With The Iron Trax

Two weeks from today will mark the glorious directorial debut of Wu-Tangs one and only RZA. November 2nd, we will be hit hard by one of the most over the top kung fu movies to be released in the US in many years, The Man With the Iron Fists. Produced by Quentin Tarantino and written by Eli Roth and RZA, it has an instant draw if not only marked purely by curiosity. As over the top as it comes off

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